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 A communication activity between west cost chamber of commerce membership was held in our company-Longwin this Saturday . The west cost chamber of commerce funding to support knowledge activities across all member enterprises that enable them to utilise their expertise to create positive impact on the west coast district.

   Longwin Industry very honored to stand out in the West Cost Chamber Of Commerce Membetship, as only a industry benchmarking favoured has been treated as a good reference for other enterprises.

First Part :Game Organization / Taking Picture

All fun games are in full swing on the sports field in our factory , jump rope bandage was successively carried out .five winner got final presents!


Second Part: Experience Sharing

We have learned over the years that having rich experience of exhibitions .and exhibition is one of the most important factors to develop cooperation relationship with new customers. Sales Manager Linda Xiao shared knowledge with all of the colleagues, The audiences were very excited and enthusiastic,They took the notes very carefully. Tina said she learned a lot of knowledge from Longwin today,and highly appreciated for Linda's share.

Part 3 :Buffet Reception

Then we had a buffet party together,enjoy the delicious dessert and fruits,communicate with each others, It's really a good chance to deepen friendship between all member enterprises!

Finally,We took group photos with all of the colleagues and shook hands with them after the meeting.

We hope that such activities should be held more in order to help more colleagues for other companies to learn the social practice .

Thanks Linda,Thanks Longwin Industry!