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Wheel Barrow Expert
Green Yard Rover Wheelbarrow WB6415
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Green Yard Rover Wheelbarrow WB6415

This wheelbarrow was designed for light gardening and landscaping but has even become very popular at residential nurseries and produce farms. 

The dual wheel design and ergonomic, cushion grip loop handle make pushing, pulling, lifting, and dumping a nearly effortless task. Includes two 4.80/4.00-8" pneumatic air tires.

The 5 cubic poly tray is rust resistant and ideal for hauling soil, mulch, flowers, and general yard waste. Lightweight, 5 cubic foot poly tray will not rust.

This Model is available with either pneumatic or flat-free tires. 

5 Cubic Foot Poly Tray Dual Wheels offer balance and maneuverability. 

Cushion Grip Handles make pushing and pulling effortless. 

Two wheels for balanced, easy lifting

Loop handle makes pulling, pushing, lifting, and dumping effortless

Available with either Air Filled or Flat Free Tires.
Width = 27 1/2"
Length of tray = 36"
Length from end of tray to end of handles = 55" 

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